Managing the myth of "Common Sense"
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For the past 19 years, almost each and every client that has come to me has asked me for something simple. They have simply asked for people with common sense. The problem is that there is no SENSE and there is no COMMONALITY whatsoever.
So how can you be more effective?

You will be more effective if you accept that the world is filled with people who are for all intents and purposes Zombies, Adders, Sub-tractors, and aliens from Mars, Venus and Jupiter.

Zombies follow orders without thinking how they impact people. Some are life draining.
Adders add new instructions to what you ask to be done.
Sub-tractors delete instructions to the point where results are meaningless.
Aliens are literally from other countries and cannot speak the same language - let alone have a skill set required.
Martians are so male oriented to the point that they do not listen from the heart and can only hear words. All they care about? Results Über Alles - results over everything - at any cost!
Venusians are so alienated from the results that they only care about the process - not results.
Jovians - those from Jupiter - are so powerful and heavy that they overpower everyone verbally and physically, bordering on abuse.

So how will you live in this jungle of humanity? How can you function in it?

By building your code of interaction I call Effective Supervision. This is easy to speak about but hard to practice. It is a skill that must be practiced over and over and over again. In effective supervision, one must learn to instruct people to take action WITH a time by when it should be done. Not only that, they have to be told in advance that they will be inspected and followed up at as they do the work.

Now comes the hard part.

They have to be told that you are going to correct them and train them before they finish - yup, in the middle.

Zombies have to correct and apologize for their life sucking.
Adders have to delete the extra work they did. (Yes, more work for them and you.)
Sub-tractors get to do and finish the missing piece.
Aliens, Martians and Venusians have to learn to speak new languages and care - or pretend enough.
Jovians need to realize and understand how powerful they are and use their verbal and physical powers sparingly.

Why will they do this? Because you will not only follow-up but acknowledge them for work when it's done and they report to you - or you will be tracking them down like the hunter that you are. Remember, out of your caring and training you may end up with the greatest prize of all – a Caring Human Being with Un-common Sense.

If you are able to work with them and not make them wrong, you may save a life and make life sane - your own.

Written by Robert S. Chun / Edited by Vwodek Wojczynski

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