RSC Business Group Internship Program

Are you entrepreneurial? Willing to take chances and explore new solutions? Do you want to learn how to produce results in business? Then we can help you – intern today with RSC Business Group.

This internship is based in Toronto, Canada and interns can work remotely from any location in the world as long as they have the following equipment:

• A computer and broadband or high-speed internet access.
• A phone with a long-distance plan to call the US or a computer with speakers and a microphone

We’re looking for dynamic individuals who:

• Are willing to learn and do the work
• Want to create solutions to challenges
• Apply what they learn in the real world
• Want to work as part of a team
• Know where they want to go in life
• Enjoy meeting and talking to people
• Are organized

RSC Business Group interns don’t make photocopies and fetch coffee for others. They get real experience. We use the structure of building a new section of the company to train our interns. Our interns learn what it’s like to speak to business owners, analyze their problems, develop solutions, find new ways to market our company, and develop new products and services. Our internship can be full-time or part-time. It can be done in Toronto or any city in the world as long as our interns have access to phone and broadband internet. It’s unpaid with interns earning a commission on the revenue this section of the company generates.

Our interns will be doing various activities such as:

• Representing RSC Business Group while speaking to 3 business owners each week
• Finding out what business owners need for their companies to grow
• Conference call with their fellow interns each day they are working
• Analyzing the challenges businesses have
• Developing solutions for businesses
• Learning to schedule all of the work in their calendars and following their schedule

Our interns will also get to work on a project that they can complete during their internship. Some of the projects are:

• The company newsletter
• Working on the company website
• Organizing a networking event in Toronto
• Developing new products/services
• Building a team

RSC Business Group is a full-service business coaching and consulting company. We design, build and grow businesses into self-sufficient organizations through training, support, education, and methodologies that benefit all involved. With locations in Los Angeles and Toronto, we have built over 800 businesses in 22 years.

For more information call 647-547-2030

Available Positions

Marketing Associate part-time

Marketing Associate full-time